More Money Saving Tips

Hello Swankers! Last time I was here I talked about saving money and today I wanted to give you some more ideas. 

Most people say there is no way to save money on fruits and vegetables. It's true that most times there are no coupons for those items. On the rare occasion there are, but that IS indeed VERY rare. There ARE ways to save money on those items though. 

Last time I mentioned buying fruits and vegetables when they are in season. Not only are you saving money, but you are getting some great produce when you buy locally grown. 

Also, you may want to check out some pretty cool apps like Savingstar and Ibotta. They both offer cash back when you buy selected produce. Granted, it may only be 20 cents for some peaches or limes, but they add the cash to your account and you can cash out when you get up to $20 or so. At that point you can use that money for whatever your heart desires at the grocery store. You can use that money for MORE produce.  With Savingstar you just click on the item you want to purchase and when you check out (after linking your store card) it adds the cash to your account. With Ibotta you need to scan your receipt. A little more "work", but it IS kind of fun... especially when you  hear the "Ka-Ching" sound on your phone. ;)

These apps also have plenty of other offers AND you can also COMBINE them WITH manufacturer coupons AND sales. 

Let's also think out of the box here. Even if you don't find any coupons or offers on these apps, maybe there are other products your usually buy. Think shampoo, lotion, vitamins... the list goes on and on. If you save money on THOSE items by using coupons when the items are on sale and maybe even get cash back with one of those apps, you just freed up some extra cash that you can spend on produce.