Hello to my fellow Swankers old and new! I want to start by introducing myself to those who don't know me yet. 

My name is Kerry AKA KerrBear. I live in New Jersey with my husband and three cats. I am an avid cook, couponer and self proclaimed modern day hippie who loves to organize. I am all about peace, love, food and saving a few bucks!

So let us go back a bit...

Back in February of 2005 I was waiting on my MS diagnosis. I was scared. No... I was TERRIFIED. In the meantime I found a few websites. Most scared the poo out of me even MORE, but there was one.. just ONE... that gave me hope. That website was this one, the Swank MS site. 

I saw that not only were people doing well, they were laughing, joking and enjoying life. I knew I had to become a part of it. 

My diagnosis was confirmed and I was already a step ahead. I was already a part of this amazing group. I started sharing my stories and  my recipes with the great people on this site. 

I remember back in the beginning I was so scared that I wouldn't be able to get around or do things that I wanted to do. Not only am I able to do that, I am doing more NOW than ever. About two years ago I started working as an Elderly Companion and for the last year I have also been helping my husband renovate a house for his mom. I also work at home doing Accounts Receivable/Payable... while telling the cats to get off the counters., 

In the upcoming months I would like to share more with you. I would like to share how to create delicious Swank friendly meals, stay organized and save money while doing it!

So stay tuned!