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Composed based on data from Dr. Roy L. Swank's MS Diet, these supplements are intended to help you easily and reliably get the nutrition your body needs to maintain and heal while living with MS. Made from physician-grade ingredients, each bottle contains a 30-day supply of dietary supplements, packaged into morning and evening doses.

SWANK DAILY AM/PM SUPPLEMENT PRE-PACKS, developed by two of Seattle’s leading naturopathic doctors focused on multiple sclerosis, contain all the essential nutritional components for those diagnosed with MS. Based on recent research, these twice-a-day packs can help to support the immune system and improve neurological function.

These supplements are Physicians Grade, manufactured with the highest quality standards, and are proprietary formulae, developed by Dr. Marco Vespignani of the Seattle Integrative Clinic, and are currently available only through the Swank MS Foundation website, and not otherwise available to the public.

Each AM packet contains:

Two multivitamins to improve overall immunity, B complex with Metafolin to help with mitochondrial function and improve neurotransmitter production and last, an extremely high quality EPA fish oil capsule with the added benefit of vitamin D. The oil used in this is the highest quality available and has gone through an extensive molecular distillation process to ensure the best possible product.

Each PM packet contains:

Two additional multivitamins and a multi-strain probiotic to support the immune system and reduce autoimmune disease.

All together, that is…

  • 120x Multivitamin capsules
  • 30x Fish oil capsules
  • 30x Probiotic capsules
  • 30x Metafolin™B Complex capsules

…per jar, all for $115.00 (with free shipping in the US), or purchase a 2 or 3 month supply for a 10% savings at 103.50 per jar, or a 4 month supply for a 15% savings at $97.75 per jar!

Suggested Usage

As a dietary supplement, adults take 1 AM pack in the morning and 1 PM pack before bedtime daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional. This product is best taken with meals.

complete label for the swank am/pm supplement pre-packs (click to enlarge)

Through our manufacturer, we can offer you these supplements at a significant savings vs. purchasing them individually, and at a higher level of quality than you'll typically find at retail.

We are offering further savings of 10% for a 2- or 3-month supply, and 15% for a four-month supply. Even at the full unit price, this product is a huge savings over purchasing the same or equivalent supplements individually, so this campaign is a big WIN-WIN for both the subscribers and the foundation.

Pricing and Quantity

$115 for 1 jar of the supplements (1 month supply)
$207 for 2 jars (2 months supply)
$310.50 for 3 jars (3 months supply)
$391 for 4 jars (4 months supply)

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(temporarily out of stock, contact us to be notified when available)

Help us continue our foundation while helping manage your daily MS diet!